MEDIUM: Media and Human Evolution

A two-day event in New York City, Spring 2017
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Abstract: In today’s heavily mediated world, media has become part of our nervous system. The world and our reality are being translated to us by manmade media technology. It has therefore become increasingly important that we reach beyond the modern man made medium and re-examine our primal connection and interconnectivity with the rest of nature and one another —What happened to direct, sensuous relationships and experiences and why do we need them? We will begin at that baseline understanding and explore what it means to be human, what is our direct relationship to the world and how are we, as human beings, are deeply and subtly impacted by media and technology. Through this symposium, we will examine, the “original media-free experience” and discuss the original medium by which we are connected to the rest of nature. We will explore how we, as human beings, are attuned to our relationship with the environment and how our sensorial field, intelligence, thoughts, and actions are intimately connected and reciprocal—the basis for enlightened humanity and sustainable life and nature. With that deeper understanding, we will look at the impact today’s mass media, has on this core relationship with the real world. The emphasis will be on understanding the roll Media can play in human evolution.

Format: This is an academic discussion with a public forum that will feature a visual media exhibition to document our responses invoked by different images and media. This will prepare the audience for panel discussions, which will be live streamed for interactive participation via Twitter, Facebook and the OHM website. Keynote talks and an interactive group discussion with live graphic facilitation will highlight some of the most important questions facing humanity.

Outcomes: Goal of his event is to put together a manifesto that could be used as a foundation for further discussion on our understanding of the existential challenges associated with media, including recommendations on how to increse the quality and depth of human communication and improve the use media in order to build a more conscious and enlighten humanity.