Water is the origin of life and the blood of the Earth. It enables the subtle energetic process that takes place in nature to support life. The purpose of life is the continuation of creation and water is, with its inherent need for movement, that life force.

Water connects us with the Law of Life, which is especially important in times of abstract thoughts that obscure our natural awareness and ability to see the living Earth and our connection to the universe. It is that connection and our awareness of water’s spiritual nature that is necessary now for us to save life on this planet.

Water’s life, energy and quality depend on its movement as well as its transformations and metabolic state, which occur during the different stages in its hydrological cycle while traveling between the sky, the ground and underground. Underground water restructures, energizes and enriches itself. It falls to the ground, seeps down through the earth and rocks, due to its extraordinary transformative abilities to change its weight, and resurfaces from the womb of the earth when the process is completed to continue supporting life and restructuring itself through grass, flowers, trees, animals and our human body. Everything is liquid before it is solid and the structure of any organic matter such as bones, trees, and muscles has visible patterns of water movement. There is almost no mediation in a solid state. All nutrients are transmitted by water and all purification is enabled by water. Water converts waste and matter into wholesome food. It is in a constant state of motion and transformation internally and externally. We need its health, energy and life to be maintained so it can support the whole of life. We not only depend on water for physical life but water also supports our mind and spirit. Our spiritual and not just physical health depends on the quality of water.


Today’s water has undergone tremendous qualitative deterioration, which is affecting us spiritually and physically. Because of the one sidedness of modern consciousness, technology and Cartesian science, water is increasingly subjected to widespread pollution and damage. This is primarily due to a lack of our understanding of our environment and profit-driven, single-minded, destructive practices, including: hydrofracking; the creation of islands of plastic in our oceans; the addition of fluoride, chlorine, and hundreds of other chemicals to our water supply; a lack of investment in water infrastructure, the disruption of water’s specific and fragile equilibrium by dams, river banks and flow; water transportation; deforestation; the warming of the Earth’s crust; over-extraction of groundwater; pesticides; and chemical waste in streams, rivers and oceans.

With our limited understanding of water’s fragility, intelligence of life and its equilibrium, we continue this ecological destruction, while making superficial attempts to repair the environmental damages we have incurred. Meanwhile, the profit-driven mindsets that largely bear responsibility for these damages are profiting from water’s scarcity through

retail sales, in turn causing further loss to our environment and sources of water. The handful of water companies that own over 70% of the existing water supply are among the world’s wealthiest corporations—that needs to change for our planet to survive. Already as a child, I worried that we would run out of clean water, and later, after studying water in depth, I realized how extensively ignorance and greed are damaging our environment and that healing water requires more than simply removing chemicals.

I became convinced that it was essential to bring this understanding of water to the “public” to begin healing our physical, spiritual, and emotional separation from the rest of nature and to point out the falsity of water privatization and water abuse.

My mission is to build a more enlightened humanity by educating consumers and helping them to make thoughtful choices that will affect our world in a strong, effective and positive manner.

I believe that with creative ideas and better understanding, we, as humans, have the power to heal ourselves and our planet. As a philosopher and engineer, I decided to create H20 BY OHM Bottle, a true social business and campaign for a more enlightened humanity that teaches about water.

H2O by OHM Bottle

“Understanding Water is the fastest way to raise the Consciousness of Humanity.”
—Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler


As part of OHM’s mission to promote our interconnectedness with each other and the rest of nature, I have created a water-drop shaped bottle. I chose to inspire and educate through water, because water is our great teacher and source of life. By better understanding water, we understand that we have to resolve the problems inside us first, and this cannot be done by superficial efforts to repair the environmental damage that we have created.

OHM’s water-drop design inspires and connects us to water, and the educational

materials on water that accompany the bottle will build more conscious consumers and citizens of the world. Much like the color pink represents support of breast cancer causes, and the red ribbon signifies a stand against AIDS, this droplet design is meant to be used by socially and environmentally conscious businesses to help inspire and to raise awareness about the vital and deep connection between us, nature, and our environment.

OHM bottle will be launched Fall 2016! For more information please visit h2obyohm.com

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