Water: Our Teacher, Our Future

by Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler

“Growing up in the Alps, I was fortunate to spend much of my childhood by mountain streams observing water in its most pristine form, as it originated from the ground of the forest. In watching water’s movement, tasting its sweetness, and listening to its lively sound as it ran through the rocks, I saw and understood that I was one with the rest of nature, that everything was intimately interconnected, and that my very being depended on staying connected to that primordial, sacred source of life and its intelligence.” Read More >

This article first appeared at HumansandNature.org as part of their series: What are our moral and civic responsibilities to water? To see the Questions for a Resilient Future version of the piece and read more responses click here.

Mass Media, the Wetiko Virus and the Future of Humanity

by Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler

“The Cree Indians of North America, and many First Nations, have a concept called wetiko, a cannibalistic mind-virus that creates an unnatural desire to continually consume human flesh and gives its host an ‘icy heart.’ Martin Kirk and Alnoor Ladha describe the wetiko nature of modern capitalism:

‘Its insatiable hunger for finite resources; its disregard for the pain of the groups and cultures it consumes; its belief in consumption as savior; its overriding obsession with its own material growth; and its viral spread across the surface of the planet…'”  Read More >

This article first appeared on commondreams.org October 14, 2016

The Role of Altruism in Media and Human Evolution

by Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler

“Our humanity is at a critical point. Technological advances have largely been applied toward selfish, single-minded agendas that benefit a select few and have a devastating impact upon the environment on which we depend. Meanwhile, the proliferation of mass media technology has further separated us from the natural world and the way we perceive the ‘Other’ and has helped shape a reality dominated by materialistic values, which denigrate our physical and spiritual existences.” Read More >

This article was first published on kosmosjournal.org November 1, 2016

Evolution, Consciousness & Altruism

Event Date: April 12, 2016

A one-day, filmed event focused on the ethical and global change implications of mainstream science’s shift to the altruistic understanding of evolution, featuring 20 international well-known experts and thought leaders from sacred and secular roots in a series of three (3) revolving panels that streaked a balance between spirituality, ethics, environment, science, sustainability, governance, social justice, arts, economics, and more.

This event took place at The New York Society for Ethical Culture, April 12, 2016