I’m happy to announce that we held our first talk titled, “Examining the role of media in the human experience” at The New School on Thursday, October 18th. The goal of this talk was to build a continuing debate on one of the most important subjects facing humanity today – media. This talk is the first of a series of ongoing discussions OHM will be organizing around this topic.

How we understand and interconnect with the “Other” and our environment, and ultimately our own existence, is today largely dependent on mass media. Mass media has become part of our nervous system; therefore, if we hope to build a sustainable future and culture of wholeness where interconnectedness with all would be seen as an intelligent and enlightened way of being, then we must address this very fundamental issue. As part of OHM’s mission to build a more enlightened vision of humanity we aim to establish a solid framework for the relationship between media and the quality, purpose and value of human life, where actions and changes will take place.

We were honored to have Verona Conley, Long-Term Visiting Professor of Comparative Literature and of Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard University; Douglas Kellner, George Kneller Chair in the Philosophy of Education at UCLA; and Barry Salmon, Associate Professor at the New School for Public Engagement on our panel. They share our passion and commitment to uncovering the implications of media and technology for our society, culture, and for us as individuals. They understand that our future depends on this kind of open dialogue and are committed to exploring this topic with OHM. We hope you will be too. After viewing this video please share your thoughts and questions with us through our contact page. We want to hear from you!

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