The absolute richness, beauty, spiritual presence and intelligence that one can observe in nature fill the human soul with love, peace and inspiration. It is a kind of fullness that cannot be replaced by consumer products or purchased with money. Once we disconnect from that natural source, we no longer see it. We can only search for an explanation and a replacement in material things, hoping that they will fulfill us and make us more human. In that rationalistic, mechanistic and materialistic way, nature becomes a commercial commodity—a natural resource—that we exploit in order to build a manmade world and continue with “the progress” that, we are now realizing, benefits only a select few.

Media, which has become part of our nervous system and the medium (conductor) between us and the Other, and which was meant to help bring awareness about the larger context of life and beauty and importance of all forms of life, then becomes a means of promoting materialistic values, negative raw emotions, scarcity and pornography as opposed to intimacy, respect and empathy for each other. Our wonder—where freedom of thoughts and creativity are born—is replaced by the collective hypnosis of the profit-driven, violent and propaganda-filled messages that we are force-fed on a daily basis.

With this methodical seduction by superficial needs, values and emotions, it is no wonder that we have lost touch with our natural habitat, which has crumbled under the effects of consumerism, environmental destruction and  our narcissism and our fear. Our spiritually and emotionally deteriorated state is clearly reflected in our environment, which now directly mirrors our ignorance, our separation from the whole and our greed.

In today’s heavily mediated world, media is a powerful and dangerous tool if used as the soapbox for ignorant and few selfish agendas. The world and our reality are being shaped by this manmade technology and the merchandising and control-hungry messages it processes. It has therefore become increasingly important that we reach beyond the modern manmade medium and re-examine our primal connection and interconnectivity with the rest of nature and one another.

With all the powerful ways media can impact our humanity—the way we feel and the decisions we make—we must take advantage of its great potential to amplify our power to change the world for the better. Media should reflect our highest value and the beauty of humanity and our environment and build and inspire interconnectivity with all. We should use media to create a global conversation and an awakening of our collective consciousness. That sort of ecological and evolutionary media would support human evolution and higher consciousness, and would promote human values and collaboration to create a better world.

Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler

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