Tanja holds a Mechanical Technical degree, a degree in Philosophy from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, and a degree in Media Studies from the New School University in New York City. Tanja is continuing her studies of Media at the European Graduate School (EGS) Media and Communications PhD program in 2016.

Though initially grounded in enterprise through her family’s manufacturing business, Tanja has maintained a strong commitment to understanding humanity on a deeper and more intrinsic level. Her rigorous studies of Philosophy enhanced this understanding and initiated her lifelong commitment to raising awareness that humanity matters as a fundamental element of life. As a media student she learned the importance of medium. Her mission is to better understand and impact of medium with especially mass media in order to progress humanity.

The seed for Our Humanity Matters was planted years ago during her early life as caretaker and confidant to her brother with Down syndrome. From him she learned that beauty, innocence and vulnerability, were essential elements of humanity and should be nurtured accordingly. Tanja’s focus is to redefine medium to encompass new and creative methods of communication and inspiration in order to raise awareness of our common humanity. She believes that Media, has become our nerves system in modern society however it is not reflecting these fundamental human qualities.

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