Water Ecology

Water, the origin of life and the blood of the Earth, is the ultimate medium of inter-connectivity of life on Earth. It enables the subtle energetic process that takes place in nature to support life. The purpose of life is the continuation of creation, and water, with its inherent need for movement, is that life force. Water connects us with the Law of Life, which is especially important when abstract thoughts obscure our natural awareness and ability to see the living Earth and our connection to the universe. It is that connection and our collective awareness of water’s spiritual nature that are now needed in order for us to save life on this planet and break away from destructive practices and the blind pursuit of profit.

Because of the one-sidedness of modern consciousness and the disconnection from the rest of nature, water is increasingly subjected to widespread pollution and damage caused by profit-driven, single-minded destructive practices. Today’s water has undergone tremendous qualitative deterioration, which is affecting us spiritually and physically.

With our limited understanding of water’s fragility, intelligence of life and its equilibrium, we continue this ecological destruction while making superficial attempts to repair the environmental damages we have incurred—that needs to change for our planet to survive. It is essential to bring this understanding of water to the “public” to begin healing our physical, spiritual, and emotional separation from the rest of nature and to point out the falsity of water privatization and other types of water abuse.

“Understanding Water is the fastest way to raise the Consciousness of Humanity.” –Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler

As part of OHM’s mission to promote our interconnectedness with each other and the rest of nature, I have created a water-drop shaped bottle. I chose to inspire and educate through water, because water is our great teacher and source of life. By better understanding water, we understand that we have to resolve the problems inside us first, and this cannot be done by superficial efforts to repair the environmental damage that we have created.


Water: Our Teacher, Our Future

by Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler

“Growing up in the Alps, I was fortunate to spend much of my childhood by mountain streams observing water in its most pristine form, as it originated from the ground of the forest. In watching water’s movement, tasting its sweetness, and listening to its lively sound as it ran through the rocks, I saw and understood that I was one with the rest of nature, that everything was intimately interconnected, and that my very being depended on staying connected to that primordial, sacred source of life and its intelligence.” Read More >

This article first appeared at HumansandNature.org as part of their series: What are our moral and civic responsibilities to water? To see the Questions for a Resilient Future version of the piece and read more responses click here.